Katharina Pelzelmayer

Katharina Pelzelmayer, Dr.


Economic Geography

Tel.: 044 63 55254

Room number: Y25 L 50



Katharina joined the Department of Geography as a research associate in September 2013.

In the context of the Swiss National Science Foundation project 'Care Markets', Katharina has conducted research on individual elder care arrangements in Switzerland, generally referred to as "24-hour care". Her work examines the particular ways in which 24-hour care has been discussed in the media, academic work and in public debate.

Completed in early 2017, Katharina's doctoral research shows how words can be powerful. For example, the media's specific use of the term "Care-Migrantin" to talk about 24-hour care workers can serve to justify precarious working conditions and low pay.

Katharina's general research interests include theories of gender and power, bodies and work, and feminist epistemologies and methodologies.

Previous work at the University of Sheffield, the University of Aberdeen and the London School of Economics and Political Science has examined women's body image in the context of liberal democracy, contemporary activism in relation to feminist theory and the production of institutional knowledge about women in the Global South.