Sandra Pool

Sandra Pool

PhD student

Hydrology and Climate

Tel.: 044 63 56532

Room number: Y25 L 74

PhD Project


Value of data in hydrological modelling


The management of water resources such as ensuring the supply of drinking water, the prevention of flood hazards, the reduction of ecosystem degradation, etc. often relies on accurate and reliable estimates of runoff in a certain catchment. In order to provide the required runoff information different types of rainfall-runoff models can be used. But in many cases the catchment of interest is poorly gauged or even ungauged which makes the calibration and the application of models difficult.

My PhD project focuses on the calibration of a bucket-type runoff model (HBV) in such ungauged catchments. Based on the assumption that a limited number of runoff measurements can be taken, I evaluate their value for calibration. The goal is to define runoff sampling strategies for catchments with different hydroclimatologic characteristics.


Contact: Sandra Pool

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jan Seibert

Co-supervisor: Dr. Daniel Viviroli and PD Dr. Christian Huggel


Pool, Sandra; Vis, Marc J P; Knight, Rodney R; Seibert, Jan (2017). Streamflow characteristics from modeled runoff time series – importance of calibration criteria selection. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21(11):5443-5457.

Pool, Sandra; Viviroli, Daniel; Seibert, Jan (2017). Prediction of hydrographs and flow-duration curves in almost ungauged catchments: Which runoff measurements are most informative for model calibration? Journal of Hydrology, 554:613-622.

Vis, Marc; Knight, Rodney; Pool, Sandra; Wolfe, William; Seibert, Jan (2015). Model calibration criteria for estimating ecological flow characteristics. Water, 7(5):2358-2381.

Schneider, Philipp; Pool, Sandra; Strouhal, Ludek; Seibert, Jan (2014). True colors - experimental identification of hydrological processes at a hillslope prone to slide. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 18(2):875-892.


Outstanding Student Paper Award, AGU 2017 Fall Meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA