Nadja Imhof

Nadja Imhof

Research Associate

Space and Organization

Tel.: 044 63 55159

Room number: Y25 L 82

Research Interests


I am interested in the understanding/enactment of nature and the natural and how it is influenced by natural disturbances. In my PhD project I explore how wildfire shapes the understanding of nature and natural and I look at the consequences for the managment of protected areas. In my opinion wildfire in this case represents two main challenges of the Anthropocene, namely discarding the idea that humans and nature can be viewed as separate entities, and the rejection of the idea of an equilibrium state of nature. Related interests to this topic are human-nature-relationship, environment, conservation, ontological multiplicities, improvisation and protected areas management.



2017 - today     University of Zurich, Research Associate S&O

2014-2016        University of Zurich, MA Geography (Minor Biology)

2009-2014        University of Zurich, BA Geography (Minor Biology)

2005-2009        Kantonsschule Baden, Matura