Catherine Robin

Catherine Robin, Dr.

Senior researcher

Economic Geography

Tel.: 044 63 55144

Room number: Y25 L 52

Research interests

My research interests lie in postmodern/postfordist forms of labour and on qualitative methodologies. In my phd-project I was engaged in the role of creativity as a key concept of today’s entrepreneurial forms of labour and organisation. Following an inductive qualitative methodological approach (participant observation and qualitative interviews) I explored various working contexts and its workers who conceive of creativity differently. Not surprisingly I discovered a variety of different meanings of creative work, each meaning related to different rationalities and values: Once creative work means market oriented work with the aim of successful innovation and once it means going deep into an object, identifying yourself with it and transfering something of yourself to that object. After having explored different contexts and having found these manifold meanings of creative work I discussed them in relation to hegemonic discourses on creativity as the neoliberal emblem of prosperity. Where do they go along? Where do they differ or even confront each other? And what implications do these accounts have for the interpretation of contemporary forms of labour?


Since Oct 2016 University of Zurich: Research Associate and Lecturer
2010-2016 University of Zurich: PhD-student and teaching assistent
Jan-Feb 2012 Visiting Scholar at the center for organizational innovation (chaired by David Stark) at Columbia University, New York
2009-2010 University of Zurich: Teaching assistent


Robin, Catherine (2017): Werte kreativer Arbeit. Zur Vielfalt kreativer Arbeitspraktiken. Bielefeld: transcript.


Nickl, Roger (2016): Arbeiten wie die Bohème. UZH Magazin, 1/16, S. 39-40. to the text

Zbinden Lüthi, Anna (2016): Der kreative Hype. Panorama, 3/16, S. 28.

Movie produced by Brigitte Blöchlinger (2016): Wirtschaftsgeografin Catherine Robin über kreatives Arbeiten. to the movie