Master Theses

Topics for Master Theses

Find announcements of currently offered MSc thesis at RSL on the right column of this webpage.

In addition, the list below contains further potential topics for a master thesis. Please contact Michael Schaepman or the indicated contact person if you are interested in writing a master thesis at RSL.

  • Vegetation Time-Series Analysis and Spatial-Temporal Modeling (Rogier de Jong)
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems: Vegetation, Climate and Human Impact (Rogier de Jong)
  • Laser remote sensing of vegetation (Felix Morsdorf)
  • Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions: Carbon and Water Cycles (Alexander Damm-Reiser)
  • Remote Sensing of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (Alexander Damm-Reiser)
  • Ecosystem functioning in the context of environmental change (Alexander Damm-Reiser)
  • Spectroscopic Data Calibration and Validation (Andy Hueni)
  • Imaging spectroscopy of ecosystems in the Swiss National Park (Mathias Kneubühler)
  • Wet snow cover estimation from SAR backscatter time series (David Small)
  • Time-series analysis of SAR backscatter (David Small)
  • Geometric calibration of SAR sensors (David Small)
  • Image-based fusion of SAR and optical remote sensing data (Adrian Schubert)
  • Time series analysis of optical data using the Google Earth Engine (Hendrik Wulf)

Please note: The MSc thesis can be written either in English or in German, depending on the agreement with the supervisor(s).

Ongoing MSc Theses

MSc Student



Marius Rüetschi

Using multitemporal Sentinel-1 C-band backscatter to monitor phenology and classify deciduous and coniferous forests in northern Switzerland

David Small;

Michael Schaepman;

Fabio Fornallaz Mapping of bare-soil dynamics in Swiss agroecosystems using Google Earth Engine

Rogier de Jong;

Sanne Diek;

Michael Schaepman;

Sandra Roth

Multi-scale classification of clove production systems

using Earth observation data in Maroantsetra District, Madagascar

Reik Leiterer;

Philip Jörg;

Michael Schaepman;

Tiziana Speckert Environmental stress impacts on plant functioning:

Insights from common and new Earth observation approaches

Alexander Damm-Reiser;

Michael Schaepman;

Joan Sturm

Extraction of general flowering metrics in Malaysian Borneo using optical indices on satellite data

Rogier de Jong;

Michael Schaepman;

Ewa Czyz

Detecting intra-specific genetic variation in the Laegern temperate forest using airborne imaging spectroscopy time series

Hendrik Wulf;

Carla Escriba;

Michael Schaepman;

Isabelle Helfenstein Quantifying functional diversity variations of physiological forest traits between different spatial scales and optical sensors

Hendrik Wulf;

Fabian Schneider;

Michael Schaepman; 

Manuel Lück Biomass Estimations in a Forest - Comparing UAVLS and TLS Point Clouds

Felix Morsdorf;

Daniel Kükenbrink;

Michael Schaepman;

Tobias Klee Point to area extrapolation of phenocam data at biodiversity test sites

Rogier de Jong;

Michael Schaepman;

Bernhard Sassik Quantifying Grassland Degradation in the Borena Zone (Ethiopia) between 1980’s and 2016 using the Google Earth

Hendrik Wulf; Rogier de Jong;

Michael Schaepman;