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21. November 2016

Apply for a STSM

Interested Researchers are advised to follow the directions provided below and submit their application and supporting documents to the OPTIMISE Secretariat (optimise[at]aber.ac.uk).

For more information see webpage: optimise.dcs.aber.ac.uk/stsms/apply/

28. October 2016

Apex Campaigns Summer 2016

10. October 2016

Single tree identification using airborne multibaseline SAR interferometry data

30th June 2016

First Release of a Global Land Surface Phenology as Candidate Essential Biodiversity Variable (EBV)

Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL)

Welcome to the Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL) at the Department of Geography of the University of Zürich!

RSL's central research goal is to advance understanding of the Earth system sciences using Earth observation methods. We achieve this by combining fundamental and applied research in the domain of remote sensing. Although our focus is on ground based, airborne and spaceborne remote sensing, we contribute at national and international levels to the conceptual development of Geography as an interdisciplinary science. Beyond this, not only physical and empirical approaches for observation systems are being developed at RSL, also the impact of the human dimension on regional, national and even global change is taken into account. This renders our research approaches policy and stakeholder relevant, enabling us to contribute to public discourse with a unique combination of remote measurements and cause-effect-relationships, including impacts of the human dimension on the Earth system.

We support complete observing system approaches with our well-qualified scientists, our physical infrastructure (measurement instrumentation, processing facilities), and our information infrastructure (models, processors (SAR, LIDAR, spectroscopy), spatial data infrastructure).

RSL supports remote sensing education at the Bachelor (B.Sc.), Master (M.Sc.), and doctoral (Ph.D.), as well as PostDoc and 'habilitation'/tenure track levels. We use and propagate state-of-the-art methods, models and software in our training, supporting remote sensing education at the highest qualification levels. Our education, mentoring and coaching activities allow our alumni to find excellent employment in the international job market.