Multimodal Remote Sensing

Welcome to the MultiModal Remote Sensing group webpage!

MMRS Research Axes
MMRS Research Axes

We work at the crossroads between machine learning and remote sensing, we learn structures and patterns from image data (and all kind of other types of data too). We like to fuse and process data, to include structured and physical constraints into models and all this to study phenomena such as:

  • land cover and land use dynamics,
  • change detection,
  • bio and geophysical parameters in forest, croplands or over waterplanes.

We also like to develop interactive methods and gain some knowledge from what the crowd thinks!


If your fingers are tingling, you can discover more about our activities in our Research projects page.


This research group is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, under project "Multimodal machine learning for remote sensing information fusion" (PP00P2_150593).