Master Theses

Ongoing Master theses:

Christen Miriam

Large rock and ice slope failures: Process understanding and modeling with state of the art 2-dimensional numerical models

Prof. Dr. A. Vieli

PD Dr. C. Huggel

Prof. Dr. F. Amann, RWTH Aachen

Dr. B. McArdell, WSL

Ganarin Rahel

Where does it come from, where does it go - An integral assessment of the supraglacial debris cover of Zmuttgletscher, Swiss Alps

Prof. Dr. A. Vieli

N. Mölg

Hunziker Oliver

Morphologic changes and related processes of a disintegrating glacier tongue

Prof. Dr. A. Vieli

Dr. J. Müller, ZHAW

Schudel Simon

Reconstructing the retreat and thinning history of the Greenland ice sheet margin close to Equip Sermia, West-Greenland using historical data, a drone and structure from motion (SFM) to create digital elevation models (DEMs)

Prof. Dr. A. Vieli

Dr. M. Lüthi

Thür Angela

Perceptions of risks of low and high flow events in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru

PD Dr. Ch. Huggel

Prof. Dr. N. Backhaus

A. Motschmann

von Rickenbach Daniel

Automatische Identifizierung potentieller Lawinen-Anrissgebiete -

Ein Methodenvergleich mit anschliessender Weiterentwicklung im Hinblick auf regionale Gefahrenhinweiskartierung

Prof. Dr. A. Vieli

PD Dr. Ch. Huggel

Dr. Y. Bühler, SLF

Zapata Torres


A new time-dependent limit-equilibrium model to understand progressive failure in bedrock slopes on the Grimsel Pass

Prof. Dr. A. Vieli

Dr. S. Allen, ETHZ

Dr. K. Leith, ETHZ

Dr. J. Aaron, ETHZ