The Masters program “Geographies of Global Change: Resources, Markets and Development” is delivered in small group teaching through leading scholars from the human geography groups in the department. Each student will choose a senior member of staff as mentor who will advise and guide her/him throughout the course.

The Masters program is made up of 90 ECTS credits. Thus, the full-time program lasts 1.5 years. The teaching language is English.

The program’s core curriculum consists of two intensive compulsory courses, “Geographies of Global Change: Resources, Markets and Development” and “Designing and Communicating Research”. This set of courses prepares you for the master thesis. In an individual course program tailored to your interests and needs, you can choose among a selection of core course offerings.


ECTS credits

Compulsory (incl. 30 MSc thesis)

Core electives 30
Elective courses 18
Total 90

Compulsory modules

Module ID Title Language ECTS Term
GEO 681 Designing and Communicating Research English 6 Fall
GEO 682 Geographies of Global Change: Resources, Markets and Development English 6 Fall
GEO 620 Master's thesis and master's exam English 30 Spring and Fall

Core elective modules

Specific courses according to individual program (30 ECTS) such as:

Module ID Title Language ECTS Term
GEO 421 Development Studies English 6 Fall
GEO 422 Qualitative Methodologies and Methods in Human Geography English 6 Spring
GEO 423 Political Geography English 6


GEO 424 Environment in History English 6 Spring
GEO 425 Political Ecology English 6 Fall
GEO 431 Regional and urban development German 6 Fall
GEO 432 Gender, Work and Space English 6 Fall
GEO 433 Global Economic Geographies of Agriculture and Food Systems English 6 Spring

Additional courses from other Master’s programs at the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, or other Swiss universities, according to your preferences. 

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