Elective modules MSc in Geography

Besides compulsory modules and core elective modules, elective modules in the extent of 24 ECTS credits have to be completed. Basically all modules of the course book of the University and the ETH Zurich are eligible.

The following elective modules are offered at the Department of Geography:

Module ID Title Language ECTS Term
GEO 803 Solving Geospatial Problems using Matlab English/German 2 Fall (block course)
GEO 805 Natural hazard and risk analysis in high-mountain areas English/German 3 Fall (block course)
GEO 812

Getting started with R for spatial analysis

English 1 Fall (block course)
GEO 813

Surveying course for Geographers

German 3 Spring
GEO 814

Quantification and modelling of the Cryosphere: dynamic processes

English 3 Fall
GEO 818


English/German 6 Fall & Spring
GEO 819

The biogeochemistry of plant- soil systems in a changing world

Englisch 4 Spring
GEO 820

Stable isotopes in ecology and soil science

Englisch 2 Spring
GEO 838

Self-organised Seminar

English/German 3 Spring
GEO 851 Glacier Mass Balance Measurements and Analysis – from local observations to global assessments English 3 Fall
GEO 862

Cold Region Hydrology

English 3 Spring
GEO 791 Regional Geography (changing focus and module ID each semester) German 1 Spring / Fall
GEO 7XX Field trips English/German 1-3 Spring / Fall


For more details, see Guidelines Master in Geography and the University's course book.