LiDAR Remote Sensing

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Our science focus is in both the development of fundamental methods related to laser scanning sensors and establishing quantitative, advanced methods for product derivation and information extraction. The main domain of application are forested ecosystems, where we try to assess all possible aspects of vegetation structure and its impact on ecosystems, habitats, forest management and passive optical remote sensing.

Group leader

Dr. Felix Morsdorf

Research projects

UZH research database

Group members

Hossein Torabzadeh (PhD candidate)

Reik Leiterer (PhD candidate)

Carla Guillén (PhD candidate)

Fabian Schneider (PhD candidate)

Daniel Kükenbrink (PhD Candidate)

David Moeser (external PhD candidate)

Florian Zellweger (external PhD candidate)

Meinrad Abegg (external PhD candidate)

Belongs to the organizational unit

Remote Sensing Laboratories