Vision inspired visualization


Dr. Coltekin’s group tackles research questions that have components of design and technology for visualizing geographic information from a “vision inspired visualization” perspective. The group utilizes interdisciplinary knowledge on vision science (in particular; optics, perception and attention) and investigates how to best match the (geo) visualization design to the limitations and strengths of the human visual information processing. Group has a strong interest in eye tracking as an input mechanism in interactive displays, as an evaluation method to better understand (geo) visualization designs and a spatio-temporal data source (in which geographic information science approaches to data analysis can be tested and knowledge can be transferred). While the interest in vision inspired visualizations is cross-disciplinary, group has a specific focus is on three-dimensional visualizations and virtual reality. Therefore, research questions regarding abstraction and realism (e.g., when to use which level of detail, how to control how much information to show, what is perceptually irrelevant on a display), as well as visual complexity (how can we best deal with information rich displays, linked views, and highlighting methods) are being studied.

Group leader

Dr. Arzu Çöltekin

Research Projects

UZH research database

Group members

  • Alžběta Brychtová (PostDoc)
  • Kenan Bektas (PhD candidate)
  • Ismini-Eleni Lokka (PhD candidate)
  • Victoria Rautenbach (external PhD candidate)
  • Tommy Burke (external PhD candidate)
  • Martin Ritzi (MSc candidate)
  • Anne Wegmann (MSc candidate)
  • Gianna Hartung (MSc candidate)
  • Tobias Cervenka (MSc candidate)
  • Laura Stehrenberger (MSc candidate, 2nd advisor)
  • Oliver Deseö (Junior Data Scientist) 

Belongs to the organizational unit

Geographic Visualization and Analysis (GIVA)