Reminder and fees

Reminder charges

1 day after the expiration of the loan period, a free of charge reminder is sent to you either by e-mail or by post. If you fail to return or renew (if possible) the item(s) within 10 days, the following terms and fees apply:

Reminder/recall: free of charge
1st  demand: CHF 10.- per document
2nd demand: CHF 20.- per document
3rd demand: CHF 35.- per document

The 3rd demand will be sent by registered letter, futher measures may be applicable. Your account will also be temporarily blocked. If you fail to return the item(s), you will be charged for the replacement as well as an administrative fee. If necessary, legal measures apply.

These terms and fees apply to all university library in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

Fees for demands may be paid at the Information/Lending Desk in cash; periodic invoices will be sent for unpaid amounts.

Other fees

The fee for a new library card is CHF 10.00

Lost media

Actual replacement costs and an administration fee of CHF 30.- plus any accumulated outstanding demand charges.