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Swiss National Remote Sensing Programme: Devoted to building a comprehensive community of remote sensing in Switzerland.

Conference Calendar: A Remote Sensing related and up-to-date calendar of major conferences, symposia and workshops.

Press Release: Imformation pages where major Remote Sensing related institutes and organizations inform the public audience.

Meta Pages: Everything about Remote Sensing, interesting links and frequently asked questions.

Organizations: The major Remote Sensing related organisation on the global level.

Archives & Services: Links to Remote Sensing Data and further Services

Missions & Sensors: An overview of the major missions, Satellites and Instruments

GPS & Navigation: A collection of the main players in the field of GPS and Navigation thus companies, institutes, organizations and further information services as well as meta pages.

Publications: A collection of the relevant journals in the field of Remote Sensing, proceedings, reports and bibliographies.

Companies: The main global Remote Sensing companies.

Institutes: The main Remote Sensing companies of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the rest of Europa, North America and the rest of the world.

Other Links: Further interesting links which lead to other relevant Remote Sensing related topics.

Search Tools: A collection of useful Search tools.